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The latest video creation

I've been picking away at this one since October, I think. It took so bloody long to get the final product, thanks to my sister being nitpicky and then me having to swipe videos from her and then render them so the files would be compatible with Windows Movie Maker. And Movie Maker likes to freeze up on me. A LOT. So that wastes a chunk of time. I'm glad to be finished with this one. I was getting tired of it.

My next one, an Ode To 2008, is already starting to form in my head...


Oh how I love lazy days off

I've been slowly working my way through my old entries, tagging them, deleting broken links, and whatnot. I just came across this lovely bit of amusement in a February 2003 entry:

I just had a pain in my ass test in my Assessment of Young Children class. I just wanted to stuff the paper into my mouth, lean back in my chair, and chew on it, all the while glaring in defiance at my teacher.

I can picture that perfectly in my head.

In other news, Day One of my 12 Days Of Christmas Break is mostly over. I managed to get all my Christmas shopping completed between noon and 1:15pm. It would have taken much longer if I had not come up with an excellent present for my two nephews that will require them to wait until the beginning of January to get it, but that saved me from dealing with several stores in the mall while trying to find presents for them.

I figured out what I was doing wrong with my external hard drive and have begun putting all my pictures, videos, and music onto it. I also downloaded Sony movie software (free for a month) so I can render all the videos I swiped from my sister that aren't compatible with Windows Movie Maker. There are too many clips from her videos that I must have in my possession to use for video creations. I'm halfway through the current creation and hope to finish that by the weekend as I already have the next creation forming in my mind.

Weekend picspam coming up sometime in the near future.

I think I will continue my Christmas Eve tradition of watching scary movies this evening. Although I have a hankering to watch Nightmare Before Christmas, which doesn't really count as a scary movie. Well, I guess it could...

Ellipsis Fail

I just went to sign into Mail.com and they always have some sort of news story on the main page. Here's the one they have currently:

Best Part-Time Jobs For 2009
The new year is often tantamount with resolutions, goals and hope for a good year, personally and professionally. But how can that happen when so many people are getting laid...
Read More

I had to read that twice to make sure they cut it off where they cut it off. Brilliant.

One day left until Christmas vacation! Oh goodness, I cannot wait! I'll spam you with pictures from my weekend later. I'm still recovering from severe lack of sleep and putting 658 miles on my car while driving to four different states from Thursday until yesterday. I'll give you one guess who had me roadtripping like that.
This is awesome. Thanks, melancthe for sharing it.



Merry Christmas!


Celebrity encounter on Facebook. Sort of.

Stephan Pastis wrote on my Facebook wall! First he sent me a friend request so I accepted that obviously and wrote this note on his wall on Saturday: I must have my dose of "Pearls" everyday in order to make my day complete. Rat is my hero. Keep up the awesome work!

And today he wrote on my wall: thank you, katie!

Yeah, so it's not a long note or anything, but come on, he took two seconds out of his creative life to thank me for my note. That's awesome.

Here's Sunday's Pearls:

This made me giggle

Here's a joke that I just came across:

Why are New Yorkers always depressed?

Why? Why? WHY?!?!Collapse )


Driving my regular route to school at 6:30 this morning, I passed two roads about ten minutes from my house that were blocked by police. Assuming it was an accident, I didn't give it anymore thought. Until I came home and my mom informed me of this: A man who killed a guy in Philly last night kidnapped a woman, eventually dropped her off at his parents' house near me, and then holed up in his car at a nearby park with a gun. The cops were trying to get him to put the gun down and get out of the car for 7-8 hours today before the man killed himself in his car.

If we could keep the guns and murderers away from me that would be much appreciated. Thank you.
A recap of the Twilight series and how there are loads of Mormon-esque things in the books. The recaps thoroughly amused me and all the LDS related stuff (so claims the recap author) was interesting.

In other news, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! T-minus 2 hours and 20 minutes until dinner. And then, bring on the pumpkin pie!


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